What is Investment ?


Investment is a process where one could allocate some part of his/her earnings in some investment tools to get good returns in near future

Everyone in this world who has capability to earn more than his/her needs have to invest. Before investing one should learn and understand where to invest and how to invest.

Investment is an art, unfortunatly this is not being teached in any schools of India.
Do you think this should be teached? or its ok with us

Many people in india does't know about investing, they simply earn and keep it with them very safe. Does this really help them or to their childerns? No it doesn't. Modern india needs different and creative thinking about investment.

Before knowing about investment tools we should know which type of investor we want to be. 
According to me, there are three types of investors 
  1. Fearing Investor
  2. No Fear Investor
  3. Intelligent Investor   

1. Fearing Investor

Most of the indian community comes under this type of investors, because they really fear to invest their money in any of the financial tools eventhough they are backed by Govt of India.
This is because they don't have trust in anything, eventhough these type of investors are well educated but they fear to invest. 
They think "If I invest and anything uncertain happens then my money will not be returned".
Fear restrict them to Invest 

2. No Fear Investor

This type of investors have guts to invest and also have lots of money, but they really don't know which types of investment is good and which is not. Hence tends to bear losses!
They believe in rumours and wants to grow rich without studying about the reality and facts about their investments.
These type of investors have lack of knowledge about investment but interested in investing and growing rich.
Patience and Knowledge can make them good Investor

3. Intelligent Investor 

The one who know his needs and desire, that need to be achieved in future. According to that he plans, studies and then invest in different investment tools, he is known as Intelligent Investor.
These type of people have clear vision and good knowledge about investment and more important that they have moderate risk taking abilities.

Hence, Achieve their needs and desire well within planned time-frame and enjoy the life..

Which type of investor you want to be?

Start Reading these books for better understanding --> The best Books for Beginner


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  2. The way u explained is simply Superb..!!

  3. Amazing write up, useful information, good one 👍

  4. Excellent blog useful information 👍

  5. Very useful n needy information,it's true people really don't how to n where to invest..I wish some more information I could get from this article..

  6. Very useful n needy information,it's true people really don't know how to n where to invest..I wish some more information I could get from this article..

    1. Thank you.
      In upcoming articles I will provide more information about investment

  7. Can I get answers for the following
    1) Why are you in this business?
    2) What's the mission statement of your blog?
    3) Do you use technical analysis?
    4) Do you use market timing?
    5) How do choose investments?
    6) Which investing approach do you believe is most successful (as u mentioned 3 types)

    What do you do when an investment performs poorly for an entire year ?

  8. Good one & insightful. worth reading...

  9. Excellent blog .... beautifully explained

  10. Amazing article..helpfull to all

  11. Amazing Article Mama... Useful to everyone

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