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Rolex Rings IPO Details and Grey Market premium (GMP) and Allotment status check link

Rolex Rings IPO Details and Its GMP The IPO opened for subscription on July 28, 2021 and had set its close date for July 30, 2021. Rolex Rings IPO Allotment Status check link To check Rolex Rings IPO Allotment Status, you need to go to The Details of IPO are as below Important Dates Rolex Rings IPO Lot Size The Rolex Rings IPO has a lot size of 16 shares. A retail-individual investor can apply for up to 13 lots (208 shares or ₹1,87,200) Company Details Rolex Rolled Rings was established in the year 2003, Rolex Rings is among the top five forging companies in India. The company manufactures hot rolled forged & machine bearing rings and automotive components that are used across segments i.e. passenger vehicles, 2-wheelers, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles, off-highway vehicles, industrial machinery, wind turbines, railways, etc. A wide range of product offerings such as automotive parts, hot forged and machined alloy steel bearing

Important Financial Ratios Every Investor Should Know - Part 2

There are many important factors and ratios that need to be focused while investing in any stocks. And in this article we are going to learn about the some important ratios which are widely used to analyse the stocks If you have not read Part -1 of this article then Click Here Earnings Per Share (EPS) In Simple words, this ratio shows how much money earns a single share of a given company. Now, let’s understand in detail. EPS shows the net income that a company’s common stock has generated over the past one year.  Please note that preferred shares are not included. Also, the number of common stock may and will change during the year. However, the official website of the company will give you very accurate and precise information. EPS=Net income/Average Outstanding Shares For example, a company has generated net earnings of Rs.10,000 and has 500 shares. Then the EPS is 20 (10000/500). Dividend Yield If a company has generated some profit, it distributes part of it to its shareholder