New Solution to Home Loan EMIs! Its Good EMI

Home loan EMI Calculator

If you take a home Loan of 10 Lakh for a term of 20 years at an interest rate of 7% p.a., you will pay an EMIof approx 7,750 per month
And hear is how much you will end up repaying in 20 Years

Home loan Calculator

Total Home Loan Amount : 10,00,000/-
Total Interest Paid              :  8,60,717/-
You will end up paying Rs. 18,60,717/- in 20 years.

Home Loan Calculator

So you pay an additional amount of approx 8.60 Lakh which is more than the borrowed amount.
All though it feels bad, most of us don't have an option but to avail Loan to meet such immediate financial needs.
Hence,we borrow and start paying EMls which is inefficient as we pay more than we borrow.

But here is a smart solution to recover much more than the extra paid amount. And Here Is How!
its Called Good EMI.

Have you Ever heard of Good EMI?

Let's say you invest a similar amount of Rs. 7,750/- per month for 20 years in equity mutual funds. Assuming a return of 12% p.a, you may end up with almost 77.5 Lakh.
Isn't it Surprising? Yes It is.
SIP Calculator
Source: Groww SIP calculator

In fact, an investment of only 2,000 per month for 20 years would grow to 19.98 Lakh (with return of 12% p.a). That's a profit of almost 15.18 Lakh over your total investment of 4.80 Lakh - more than sufficient to cover the interest of 8.60 Lakh paid on a home Loan of 10 Lakh.

SIP Calculator
Source: Groww SIP Calculator

Interesting Isn't it?

Well, this is what SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in equity mutual funds could help you achieve - significantly higher returns than most other investment products over the Long term. 
Investing a fixed amount monthly in equity mutual funds through SIP is the best way to accumulate wealth over time.

And that's why we call it a Good EMI for Wealth Creation!


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